Christmas Dating: Be A Shining Woman

  There is only 2 days left until Christmas, everyone wants to leave your lovers, your friends a deep impression. Now here is the question: how? When we mention Christmas, red, green and black is the most representative color. So you need to know how to match your look well in these three colors.

 Topic of coat: 
  Choose a long red coat, wear with a pumps, show your femininity, it’s too difficult for you not to become a focus.

  In addition, red coat also goes well with Martin boots, another classic matching.


  Red fur coat has a noble feeling, cool and elegant.

  Green coat: I have to admit only the few cam handle the green coat perfectly. So if you are not confident enough, you’d better choose the red coat. Here are some successful example:


  Topic of sweater:
  Except for the coat, sweater can be your another choice. Chic, fashion and warm. Red swearer has a same function of red coat, which can also help you to attract people’s eyes.



 Topic of Accessories: 
  A suitable accessory can break the monotony and make your total look more fashionable and fresh.

Recommendation :
Topic of matching skill:


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