My Favorite Sweater Matching

  Actually, I believe those girls who pay attention to fashion know that sweater is an easy-matching item, it can match with long skirt, short skirt, jeans, skinny pants and even wide leg pants. Yes, it almost covers all chic items from the fashion world. Unlike most of girls who can handle any styles, I prefer a simple one, which means sweater matches with skinny jeans is my favorite and suitable style.

  Skinny jeans can not only lengthen my leg line, but also show the slimming figure of mine. When it goes for this solid color sweater, the extra folds will balance out my curves.
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  I strongly recommend you’d better choose a pure color or a simple design sweater, a exaggerated design can easily distract people’s eyes from your total look.

  What’s more, sweater and short skirt is another favorite matching of mine, I like this matching because it can be girlish and youthful, btw, as an Asian girls, I think this classic Korean style is much suitable for me.

  In a word, I like to share my dressing experience to you, hope you can like my articles and leave your comments. I will really appreciate for it. ≧ε ≦