Memory of Xi’an

  My dear friends, I organized my travel photographs yesterday and felt a lot. Life is busy this year and I have not been to other places for traveling. I do enjoy the time on the road: I can go to a new place, meet some new people, talk to them and listen their stories. That’s really relaxing and free. I can escape from my bustle city to a peaceful place. Let myself have a good rest, that’s what I define “ traveling”.

  I remembered I have written a blog about Xi’an. I really love this city, it’s totally different from Guangzhou though both of them are modern, Xi’an is more like the aged while GZ is like a new born, everything in Xi’an reveals a ancient time, the city wall, the street, the bell tower, even the leaves, all are telling a old and heavy story to the hurried passersby.

  The color of Xi’an is gray, which I think. The sky is cloudy and I can not see the sun.I don’t know why I love this city, maybe because of its quietness, or maybe the people is really kind-hearted, but most importantly, I love a city that is full of stories and history, that’s Xi’an.

  My friends and I have ridden bikes in the city wall to see the whole city, the wind touch my skin and I can sense its historical vicissitudes......

  Xi’an is a unique city and nothing can replace its pride for the long history......


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