Crazy Halloween- A Chinese Halloween

  It’s been a day long that I have not updated my blog. I’m so so so tired after attending the Halloween party with my colleagues. ( ̄﹏ ̄) All of us got crazy when we see the 5D horror movies and went in the haunted house. Σ( ° △ °|||)︴
 Our destination is Diwang Plaza . My first impression is terror in boisterous. There is a terror atmosphere in entrance. It decorated with dreadful toys and some typical Chinese underworld figures, which attracts so many people for photo memorial.

  Since all of us are hungry, so we go to eat the roasted fish immediately. It’s totally Sichuan style food, which tastes spicy and hot. Here is the photo:

  Then, it’s the “weight” of Halloween activity, we dresses up and played all the games that held by this shopping mall. My female colleagues are scared by the “ghost” and the terror trigger. I can hear their screaming ≧﹏≦.

  Night falls, we have to go home, but we enjoy ourselves so much!!!!(^O^)