Change Your “ Second Face” !

  Styling designers always say hair is the second face of women, you can image how important the hairstyle is.Σ( ° △ °|||)︴ I never have the courage to change my hairstyle, I’m afraid a wrong hairstyle can “destroy” me. ╮(╯▽╰)╭ If you are also afraid of changing your look or you have no idea about how to change, I hope this article can give you some inspirations.

  Long Hair 
  Long hair is absolutely the most common style in woman’s world, a long and flowing hair can definitely attract many attentions, long curly hair can add more femininity in your total look, ah.

Medium-length Hair 
“ Lob hairstyle” is popular in this year, many stars have changed to this look. To be honest, I love this look so much, it’s cute,girlish but sometimes it’s charming, and these two temperament can mix well together.

 Short Hair
 Many people think short hair is the patent for man. If you agree with that, it’s time for you change your opinion. You have to admit woman can be handsome with short hair.≧0≦


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