4 Tips To Help You Choose A Suitable Lipstick

  I believe all of you realize that if your lipstick and skin don not match, your makeup will look discordant, which can let your grades decline in your total look. So here is the most basic method to choose a suitable lipstick: Let your lips be in a natural color condition, then choose a deeper color for one or two stages comparing with your natural lip color, when you have a more clear cognition, you can start to choose a lipsticks.

  But here are the most important standards to select your lipsticks.
  For a pale skin: the most suitable one is nude color, meanwhile, you can also choose a pink one or peach one. Except for these I mentioned, apricot to lightcoral are other perfect choices.
  For this type of skin, dark brown, wine red as well as chocolate are those you can not try, all the color can make you look sad and wipe your attraction away.

  For olive skin : If you are a olive-skinned girl, I suggest you not to try the red lipstick, neither orange red nor pink. On the contrary, coral is your best choice.

  For dark skin: for this type of girls, you have plenty of options. Either crimson or orange can match with your lips well. In addition, I strongly recommend you the caramel color, it has a fantastic effect for your makeup.

If you have no idea about which type of skin you belong to, you can put your wrist under the sunshine, the vein of the warm-toned skin will look more green while the cool tone will be more blue. The warm -toned skin can choose a partial blue lipstick and cool-toned skin will look much better with peach or orange lipsticks. If you are neutral tint skin, then almost all the lipsticks are suitable for you, so just choose what you like and go for it!!!