Your Business, Your Own Control

  Sounds amazing?! Yes, it’s not just a slogan, it’s a real activity provided by Wholesale7. You only need 4 steps to polish your business!!!! Surprising!! It’s all your own control.
  Ah, you want to know more information about this.?! Please keep reading.
  These are the total 4 parts. The first step is to get your own customized page. Here is the introduction:
  When you click “get it started”, it will jump into your customized page, all you need to do is to choose your major business.
  Next, select your habitual price and your marketing target zone.
  Then, choose the products from Wholesale7 into your own platform.
  OK, you can go to see your own page now.
  Here is the example:
  Wow, Cool, I believe your own personalized page will be much better. Now, Let’s move to Step 2- create your own inventory. By the way, my dear customers, you will get lots of benefits from this step.
  See, awesome!!!! I think you can’t wait to know the operation. Please choose the items you want to add into your inventory, but the inventory has to be more than 5. like this:
  Then, you can check out:
  Notice: more details are in the announcements, please read it carefully when you choose your inventory.

  Now, let’s see the Step 3 together. Build your own brand. We offer tags ,labels, packaging bags for you according to your needs.
  The last step is original equipment manufacturer. It means we can help you to produce your designed clothes if you needed.
  We just request that:
Now, do you understand? For more details, please click:


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