Unique Visual Enjoyment

  My friends, I feel very tired lately and when I came home for work yesterday, I was thinking: how enjoyable if the metro station is colorful and artistic, I believe it will provide a visual enjoyment for passengers and drive out our fatigue from life. Then, I surfed in the Internet and found there are some amazing metro stations in the world.

  “Toledo” in Italy- A dream of fantasy.

  “ Rdhuset” in Sweden- The Rockbound Cave 

  “ Park Pobedy” in Moscow- A luxurious journey of royalty 

  “The Bund Tourist Tunnel” in Shanghai- A modern visual enjoyment

   “ Arts Et Metiers” in France- Strong nostalgic atmosphere 

  “ Tilework” in Hungary- a romantic journey 

  “ Kao-hsiung” in Taiwan- an artistic enjoyment

  “The 12th central station” in Sweden- A sense of freshness

  My friends, do you feel passionate toward your work now? haha


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