The Most Essential Items You Have to Prepare In Fall

  I believe all of you have already prepared a great pile of autumn items, but you really think you have everything completed? Here is the item you cannot leave out no matter you live in the cold northern region or the warm southern region. This all-match item is short boots.
  For all the petite girls, it has a perfect method to make you look taller if you wear the stocks in your short boots.

  Now, it’s time to introduce some matching skills.
  The leather jacket and the ankle boots are the best combination. The v-neck long sweater can match with a slight color skinny pants in order to form a optical illusion and make yourself more slimmer.


  The casual t-shirt plus with blazer, and the short denim pants can make the total look less restrained. When you wear the split joint of boots, you will be full of spirit and energy.


  Solid color t-shirt and the wool coat, plus with the same color skinny pants and boots, can let your legs look more longer.


  At last, I have to admit that the summer wear matches with boots are my favorite. Lol~~~


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 If you want to know more matching skills, please go to my polyvore to see the details:


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