One Of The Most Popular Color In Winter- Gray

  I remember I have previously,introduced the hottest season color in 2015 , here is the link: In this blog , I introduce “ gray” in details. As a major color in this-year fashion world, gray is classic, graceful and low-profiled, which is well liked by people.

The Turtle Neck Knitwear

  This design can undoubtedly keep you warm and you can feel the softness in this cold winter. In addition, the recreational edition type, loose design can let the female feel unrestricted.

 Mohair Sweater 

  Soft texture, fitting design can brings you a gentle feeling. The simple style can make the total look more useful in every occasion.

Pullover Sweater

 This type of clothes is popular among girls, ,it can wear individually , or match with shirt.

 Woolen Coat

  The Euro style woolen coat, the straight edition model, easily shows your temperament.

 Long Cardigan 

  Cardigan coat is a common love by European people, wide-lapel can add a handsome visual to people.


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