Choose The Right Clothes, Be an Elegant Woman!!!

  Clothes are like a magic, if your clothes fit well, you can easily attract attentions. Otherwise, they can make you look worse. Here is some suggestions for choosing the right clothes.
  1. The light blue shift dress. When you want to buy dress, pay attention to the printing. Do not choose a fancy dress. Remember, a plain dress can make you more elegant than a tacky fancy dress, trust me , you can be be tastefully dressed in a simple style. http://goo.gl/Yuatkj

  2. The plaid dress. This classic red and black plaid, is one of the most essential items for women. Neither too exaggerating, nor too monotonous. Once wearing it, it can show you a strong taste of feminine and elegance. http://goo.gl/bW78Nl

  3. The solid-colored dress. This can can easily show your youthful vigor since the color is too impressive. However, when you match it with a pair of black pumps, it has another feeling : exquisite and delicate. http://goo.gl/j1IZYo

  4. The suede coat. I have to admit this color is hard to handle and very few people can wear it well. However, as the one of the most popular colors in this winter, green is undoubtedly special and unique. Let’s have a look on this coat, high-quality material with a beautiful waist belt, presenting a graceful, elegant and sophisticated feeling to anyone. http://goo.gl/egVP78

  If you have no idea about matching with these clothes, you can click: http://lee77.polyvore.com/
  I make so many sets on it, maybe it can give you some inspirations.