The Most Beautiful Planet: Our Earth

  I deeply believe that our Earth is the most beautiful planet in Milky Way. After seeing the pictures below, you will know what the planet looks like.
  1. Papua New Guinea, the limpidity sea in East New Britain.

  2. The small town is named Giethoorn in Netherland.

  3.Coronal hole, an extremely rare natural phenomenon.

 4.Antarctic glacier.

 5. Underwater blast wave in the Hawaiian Islands.

 6. A maple of Portland, Oregon.

 7. A dying tress or an owl?

 8.A 350-year-old oak.

 9. Magnificent waterfall in Oregon, USA.

 10.The frozen Lake Baikal.

 11. The ice mine in Iceland.

 12. The monkey orchid, looks like a naked man.

 13. A frozen banana is hit against by a globule.

 14. A cloudy in Dubai.

 15. Crystal-like sea wave in Saipan.

 16. The picture is taken in Chile.

 17. A huge muskellunge is talking with this little boy.

 18. The 3D street art in Rennes.

 19. Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

 20. Voringfossen, a higher waterfalls in Norway.


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