Take You To Guangzhou to Have Snacks

  Guangzhou, is a heaven for foodies, which also has many well-known snacks,such as Shao-Mai, shrimp dumpling. Both of them are complicated to make. The dim sum chefs will pay more attention to the thin skins . I believe nobody can resist the temptation of those small steamed snacks. When you take a bite of it , you can feel a smell of fresh shrimp in you month.

  Rice noodles roll: one of the Guangzhou characteristic snack, is also regular in the teahouse, morning tea and night market .

  Wonton noodles, is one of the most delicious food for you. Be sure you have to taste when you come to GZ.

  The curry fish ball, fresh and smooth shells teeth impressive. I’m sure you will love it.

  The double-skinned milk, is typical top-grade variety of sweet food of southern Guangdong, which tastes very fresh and delicious. It’s quite milky and distinctively smooth, one of the favorite dessert for the Cantonese.
  Are you hungry now?


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