To be a fashion insider

  Every one want to dress up like a fashion insider ,be followed ,and took great pains to dress up themselves .Sometimes ,you may think you are perfect enough ,the dress or the shirt you wear is stylish and trendy ,you feel you walk at the forefront of fashion ,but unfortunately ,that is your thoughts ,not others .May be in others' opinion ,you just like a bumpkin , the top is not match with your pant or your skirt ,and the color is so weird ,and so on ...Now I would like to share 3 tips to make you more fashion .

  Rule 1,High waist pants/ skirts ,show your long leg . A high-waisted pants or skirt can clearly improve your integral line of leg ministry.See the pic ,you can find the difference.

Rule 2,A high waist belt. A metallic gold belt can easily highlight your best physical figure. Even improve your good taste. See ? elegant

Rule 3,Wear black framed glasses 
  A simple black framed glasses can make your total look more fresh, get rid of monotony.Meanwhile,it is easy to create an image of refinement, elegance and quietness.

  Only meet one of the rules , can you be a fashion insider.