Back to School

It cannot be denied that school life is an unique memory in our life regardless of whether you love it. I believe all of you have complained about teachers, taken part in all interesting activities, and shared your secrets or fashion clothes with your bosom friends. I think schools represent our youths, our sentimental emotions, our curiosities to the opposite sex, even represent a latest fashion. So, I sincerely hope all of you can find the preppy style that only belong to you.
 The Korean style dress, plain but graceful. A striped v-neck highlights the feature of this maxi dress. It is one of the best choice to make your fresh look for school.
 The rose painting crop top, easy-matching and eye-catching, can easily make you become the focus of crowd. It is absolutely necessary to your monotone school life.  The casual t-shirt dress, simple and youthful but has a low price, it’s easy for you to style yourself. When you are vexed about what you should wear, I strongly recommend you to pick up this Donald Duck cute dress.
 When we mention our school life, how can we not to introduce the backpacks? Here is my favorite schoolbag. It has a huge capacity and the artistic rose printing makes it more fashionable and trendy. But above all, it has a perfect match with all clothes.

Do you have a desire to select some new clothes? Come on, go go go!!!!


  1. I have a uniform in school but that backpack is really cute!
    Aleeha xXx


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