An exquisite woman: 4 necessary [bags] in life

  The relationship between women and bags is like men and cigarettes, subtle but essential. It is no exaggeration to say that a suitable and cool bag is a embodiment about woman’s taste, even is the distillation of life. It can help you to improve your own aura.

  Now, let’s come back to our story. Go and see with me which kinds of bags can make you become an exquisite woman?!
 1. Mini Bag. The most hottest bags in 2015 is this elegant mini-shoulder bags. It rapidly occupied each big fashion week. All the celebrities and it girls like to take it to style themselves. It also has a perfect match with all clothing. When you have an appointment with friends, what you need to do is put your mobile phone and lipstick in and just go out . It’s fully deserve to be the No.1.

  2. OL Handbags. It doesn’t matter who you are, a new graduate or a high-flying career businesswoman,a bag can include all your working schedules is really necessary for you.

  3. Casual Shopping Bag. A large capacity bag is like a high-performance SUV. Not only can carry all the odds and ends, but also build an ambience of simpleness and freedom.

  4. Clutch Bag. Different kinds of students group meetings in university, welcome party, new year party and office party, a “bling-bling” clutch bag is your secret weapon, let you become the queen of these parties. Trust me, clutch bag is an expression of your femininity.

  These are the bags that I strongly recommend with you. I believe if you have all of them, it means you have everything.


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