The Secret of Smile

What Does Your Smile Say About You?

Want to succeed in business, fill up your social calendar, and get more romance into your life? One secret may be in your smile.

Your smile -- simple, straightforward, and most important, sincere -- can attract more than admiring looks. A smiling face tells people that you’re an outgoing and intelligent person worth getting to know.

Over the long term, smiling can benefit your health, perception at work, social life, and romantic status. With that much at stake, it's worthwhile to discover what your smile is saying about you.

A Smile Makes You Look Successful

A smile conveys confidence and professionalism. People who project a positive outlook are generally more open and flexible. They tend to cope better with challenges than people who are withdrawn and unsmiling.

A study that followed a group of women for 30 years shows the lifetime benefits of smiling. The women who displayed genuinely happy smiles in their college yearbook photos went on to have happier marriages and greater well-being. 


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