Top ten wonderland towns -- Where is snow,where is picturesque

Wtitting to u all before Christmas
 We will take a long holiday during Christmas,so what will u do for
 it?And do u expect the gift?
Time is flying,everything change all the time,and it seems that no change in the same time.
"How are u in 2014 ?--Fine"
And U,dear?
1--Japan Shirakawa


2--Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany 

3--Bled, Slovenia

4--Serfaus, Austria

5--Italy Funes

6--Norway Reine

7--Zermatt, Switzerland

8--Breckenridge, Colorado

9--Greenland Ittoqqortoormiit 

10--Switzerland Langwies


  1. Merry christmas :) x

  2. Awesome places!


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