Kenting--the most relaxing holiday memories

Kenting is a small city in the south of Taiwan, is a small island, the beach is very beautiful, although most of the city of Taiwan in Linhai, but here a is the most beautiful. Kenting many scenic spots distribution on its left and right sides of the Hengchun Peninsula and rock, on both sides of the attractions are on the coast. 
In the frog Stone Park Beach trail on looking ahead, the Taiwan Strait, the Bashi Channel, the Pacific sea panoramic view, blue seawater has 3 different colors! The past is "cat nose", the beach and the sea is very beautiful, is a good place for a. Can also open motorboat in the speed of 50 kilometers per hour to gallop in the blue sea,the boat as close to the surface of the seagulls flying, feeling very exciting.
At night, the lights are all lit the roadside shops, small stalls selling all kinds of souvenirs, there are a variety of local snacks. Here, you can wear flip flops, painted tattoos, bubble PUB, drink tea, roadside stalls to eat, to experience the most authentic flavor of Taiwan.

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