“Top ten featuring themed hotel” in the world

1.Burj Al Arab Hotel
Type:seven star luxury hotel
Theme:the beach,on vacation

2.San Pedro bullfighting Hotel
Type:open hotel
Position:Mexico,kass carter
Theme:inside the ring,classic with contemporary perfect union

3.Venetian Hotel
Type:water,on holiday
Theme:comprehensive degrees pseudo hotel

4.Vientiane hotels
Type:fantasy hotel

5.Sanger Grove Hotel
Type: Manor Castle
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Topic: privacy protection, the court Configuration

6.Poseidon Resort
Type:under water on holiday
Theme:the experience on holiday

7.Fox Hotel
Type: Art Hotel
Location: Denmark
Topic: Creative Hotel

8.Club Med Hotel
Type: leisure
Location: Bali, Indonesia
Topic: Health, SPA

9.MGM Grand Hotel
Type: integrated entertainment hotel
Location: Las Vegas
Theme: upscale, integrated

10.Amazon Towers Hotel
Type: Green Resort
Location: Brazil Ali Yaou
Topic: original eco hotel

OMG,if I can live one of them for one night,that's really fantastic!!!

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