23 Simple Tips To Lose Weight In 1 Week

 I wish I could fit into a Bikini in 1 week!!!

Don’t we all? Unfortunately, when it comes to weight loss, most of us fail to follow a diet.
Wouldn’t it be better if those extra pounds would vanish within a week in a healthy way and you stay fit? Yes!!
Diet Plan to Lose Weight in a Week

Here are 23 simple pointers on a weekly diet plan to lose weight:
1. Cut down calories
2. Drink plenty of water
3. Never skip a meal
4. Exercise daily
5. Avoid carbonated drinks
6. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet
7. Reduce your food intake per meal
8. More Fiber and Fewer Carbohydrates
9. Add fresh vegetable soup to your diet
10. Count the calories consumed
11. Proper sound sleep
12. Add protein rich food to your diet
13. 3 heavy meals or 5 to 6 small meals?
14. Avoid snacking
15. Eat after your work out
16. Reduce your plate size
17. Avoid oily foods
18. Avoid potato consumption
19. Avoid butter, ghee or cheese
20. Choose whole fruits than fruit juices
21. Drink water before your meal
22. Monitor your weight once every 2 days
23. Do not deviate from the diet plan:
If you have a diet plan then stick to it for better results.

Diet Plans:Calories play a vital role in weight reduction. As soon as your body stores 7000 calories you will gain 1 kg. At the same time when your body burns 7000
calories per week you would lose 1 kg. As a goal burn more calories to reduce
weight quicker.Some fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, raw cauliflower, cucumber,
grapefruit, orange, celery, apricot, carrot, strawberries, apples, watermelon,
etc can burn your calories quicker. Add these to your diet for better results.
Start your day with few drops of lemon in hot water on empty stomach daily for better results.
Now, start watching every bite and shed those unnecessary pounds away!

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