【Travel In China】---The Dragon Boat Festival

Yestoday,my dear friends bring me to a wonderful place and watch a awesome "Boat Match"--such unique game and amazing festival,enjoy my time there.
Some holidays are so much fun that they catch on outside of their culture. The Dragon Boat Festival,a Chinese holiday is gaining worldwide popularity
The Dragon Boat Festival is one of three major Chinese holidays, along with the Spring and Moon Festivals.The festival commemorates Qu Yuan, a minister in the service of the Chu Emperor. Despairing over corruption at court, Qu threw himself into a river. Townspeople jumped into their boats and tried in vain to save him. Then, hoping to distract hungry fish from his body, the people scattered rice on the water.
Over the years, the story of Qu’s demise transformed into the traditions of racing dragon boats and eating  rice dumpling – a kind of rice wrapped in bamboo leaves. The races have certainly captured the imagination of people from all over the world. Every spring there are nearly 60 dragon boat races held outside of China in cities from Vancouver to Sydney, from Gdańsk, Poland to Cape Town, South Africa. Canada alone has nearly 50 dragon boat teams and Germany has nearly 30.
You need to join in this "party" if have chance.

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