How to choose my facial mask?

Heart of beauty in everyone.We need to do something that will make us become more and more beautiful,and “how to be a beauty lady” is ladies’ lifelong battle.

Every time I see someone have the smooth skin, I will excited and really want to apply face film.So I recently spent a lot of time on selecting masks.But it’s so difficult to choose the satisfied one, so I showing out a few picture about masks now.

HEY!!!Every beautiful blog friend, hope you can provide some opinions,so that I can keep far away from the big “puzzled” !

There are many mask products in China,each type of packaging are very pretty.I wanna get the useful one.Have you used them before or some brands you know?


Which kind of product have you used?
Can you tell me Which brand of mask you are using?
Beauty is the experiences for sharing,not for collecting.
Could you mind recommending something to me about it?

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