2016: Put On “Red” to Make A Good Start

  My dear friends, long time no see, I miss you all so much. Actually, I have a long New Year Holiday in the past two weeks and today is my first day for work. According to Chinese tradition, red represents “ luck”, “jubilation” and ” auspiciousness”. It’s a fortunate color for each Chinese. So in this meaningful working day, most of Chinese people will dress themselves up with “red” to pray for a good beginning. For this reason, today I emphatically introduces the “ red” fashion to you all.

  If you want to stand out in the crowd, nothing can make you more outstanding than a unique design cloak.


  The woolen red coat is the most suitable one for a cold winter,it can both keep you warm and fashionable. There is no doubt that it can become the 10 tops must-have items in this year.


  Red skirt is another choice for those girls who are not afraid of coldness. Full of femininity and womanliness. You are deserve to have it.