When people come across the light color, it’s simpleness make us keep far away from the common world and be a down play fashion people. The clothing world has been too colorful and people need some light color to enjoy their mind and eyes. Comfortable visual effect is what the fresh fashion trend come over, that remind me of the past.
The real trend is what can endure the loneliness and time’s passing away , this is the classic light colors, pure, simple. They don’t need any luxurious decorations or expensive accessories, light colors like this may not bring you any effect that surprise your eyes, but they do impress you with a beauty shadow that will never disappear.
My dear friends, if you are tied of the bright and dizzy colors, please have a try of this style, all light colors, you can also be charming just as our life, the lighter, the better. 
Light and soft colors, please bring me to the casual and amazing world. 

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