Purple, the beginning of beauty

Once every I dreamed that:there is a purple sea blow the sky, and I stood on the deep and look far way, with the surrounding of romantic lavender scent. Until the moment I wake up, I still can’t forget the scene....
Purple is a color stands for elegance and mystery along with some melancholy feeling which make it hard to forget.
Today, I will give you a little purple and open the door leading to fashion.

1,Generous style, unique design, rich purple, and romantic feeling, different handsome attract more eyes .

2, The fresh and general purple, fantastic fashion, matching with red, make you elegant and charming.

3, Matching purple with the retro collage style, show off the different style, so elegant.

4, When the wind on the street come across the romantic purple, so beautiful, grece, show off the feeling of grand brand.

5, Fresh and sweet lavender purple, charming but not so displayed, light color fashionable, and the sweet feeling been make out delicately.  
 6, The unique design on the chest is so different and classic, beautiful and romantic, which is full of romantic feeling, but the solid color is extremely active. 

7, Welcome to the romantic hall, the legend about purple is going on.

The character of the people who love purple is elegant and grace, be rich on emotions, delicate and sensitive, and have a high level beauty-appreciation My dears , do you like purple ?