I can feel their happiness

Every girl has a dream that wearing in the romantic wedding dress and walking into the hall of marriage with in the sound of blessing and holding the man she love. 
Every boy has a dream that wearing in a handsome suit, holding the girl he loves stepping into the holy marriage hall happily. 
When that moment comes however, how many people can control their emotion?
An movement that I don’t know how to express on seeing these photos.
The best love is nothing exist except for love itself. 

 1.I can see your beauty directly.

2.It comes to my mind that, when the moment really come, will my tears be out of control?


3.What kind of experience can it be that make us cherish each other so much


4.Home is the harbour of love from now on.


5.Your smile and beauty make me can’t control myself. 


6.Tears is not at all necessary on this moment.


7.I just feel that we get together after so much difficulties. 


8.What I want to say most is it is so good that beloved ones are together. 

9.To put on white gauze clothing for you must be the most beautiful.

I’d like to walking on the holy red carpet for you.

I’d like to sing the song of love for you
I’d like to build a house of love for you .

You are the most beautiful appoint of my life

And I will love you more in the later days.