Children’s day gift ❤ See-through Embroidery Dress

For the coming Children’s Day, my friend Anna picked a gift from her working website wholesale7 in which she works as a personnel assistant. Anna has been tempted me for a week for my Children’s Day present. Brat, i never expect Children’s Day like this for it only reminds me of the fleeting time before.

I cannot wait to open my present at the very moment i reach to my gift,which teased by Anna wildly. Lol~anyways, still the fact that i still can get a Children’s Day gift at this age is much too exciting.

click here to find this dress

I do love the mystery of the color black. Also the exquisite golden embroidery pattern matches well with the black cotton fabric. I particularly prefer fine yarn sleeve. Obviously, Anna knows me well and spends a lot of time. The golden print is just so mesmerising and actually reminds me of those mysterious totems. The great thing about this dress is that the pops of golden embroidery pattern against a black background make it perfect for the early spring and even summer as well. 

Maybe I will buy some items form her working company website www.wholesale7.net sometime latter. at least the gift is well sewned with relatively fine fabric. occording to Anna, the average price is very low.

If we can alway keep naivety, perhaps we can be happier in this world. Thank Anna for this surprising gift. Happy Children’s Day!!