Matching Skills: V-neck Sweater, Make Your Face Smaller

     1.V-neck sweater+ Wide Leg Pants 
  The deep v-neck design can easily lift up our face outline and make your face smaller. What’s more, it can reveal your collarbone casually, which shows your sexy feminine.When you match with the wide leg pants, it gives people a sense of dashing and cool image.

  2. V-neck sweater+ Skirt
  The oversize v-neck sweater matches with skirts has the same effect of wide leg pants, but the difference is it can increase a little bit of sweetness.

 3. V-neck sweater+ Short Skirt 
  This matching skill is one of the hottest beauty trick in autumn, you can try this stylish way before the weather gets cold completely.

 4.V-neck sweater+ Ripped Jeans 
  The cool ripped jeans has a perfect match with sweater, when you wear the boots, it can make you look handsome charming. But when you wear the high heels shoes, it can make you more sexy.

 5.V-neck sweater+ Skinny Pants
  The basic style can make you more thinner, it’s the best way to conceal your fat.

 6.The Preppy Style Sweater
  This striped pattern can create an ambient of capability and give people a sense of comfortable charm. Trust me, you will look more younger if you wear it.

 7. V-neck Sweater+ Coat
 Your sexy charm is obvious with the match of coat. Only the v-neck sweater can create this feeling, while the round collar cannot.

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