Why not give your foot a comfortable beauty ???

    For so long time, when it comes to beautiful shoes, people’s eyes especially women’s are attracted by the all kinds of high heels. Yes, high heels may make one cool or elegant, lengthen the line of women’s legs. Many clothes may look more beautiful because of the high heels’ setting of .

    Have you ever noticed that, there are also many beautiful flat , they are also in different styles, cute, sweet, cool, casual and charming. But when compared with high heels, I think the biggest character is comfort, so why not release your feet and give them a comfortable beauty??

I always have a heavy love for flowers, and all floral things can make me happy, so this flower printing platform attract me a lot .

What do you think of red, as for me , red is a color stand for passion and all young and active things, whenever I come across this color, a sort of warm come to my mind ~~~~

 This color named the sapphire, which often gives people a feeling of mystery, I love this elegant and sttractive color 


   When it comes to thid white base and black star shoes, what do you think of? so sweetness, quietness,  and elegance ? Yes, I do think so.

       How a cool and casual platform flat, do you          love them ?

   Net things always empresses us with sexy and attractive things, but this time, when this pair of shoes comes to my eyes, I want to play with balls  

lovely pointed toe with small stars , what a charing and unique design. 

All of these are my beloved collectionsfrom a very cheap and interesting website named wholesale7, here I share them with all my good friends ,you, will you love them as much as me ??