Several suggestions to my sister~~~

Last night, I have a chat with my sister on line. She said , since she has been  stay at home and take care of her baby for too long a time, she just didn't know what is on fashion now. I am woking outside,so my dear sister asked me to give her some suggestions. After researching for a long time , I choose these items for her:

firstly, I choose this matching,autumn is nearing, this long sleeve matching the skirt looks interesting, and the following dress, fashionable and cute:

Since the weather is turning cold, I think a coat like this is very useful;

 And as it turns colder,this thick coat will be useful;

Since you are all my friends , what do you think of them? I love them, they all come from the wholesale7, and they are all cheap. And I will appreciate it very much if you give me some further suggestions ~~~~~~~