The Top 7 Hollywood Fashions Icon for the Post-90s

Youth means an energy, it can be sexy, can be smart and can be elegant because youth is full of limitless possibility. Today, we are going to share the top seven Hollywood popular teen idols as a homage to our own youth.

1, Born in 1990, Emma Watson rose to global prominence overnight for Harry Potter Film Series; Emma has a sense of classical grace and aesthetic modern fashion. The 19 years old girl become the most successful actress in the 21st century and beloved by fashion giants. At the apex of her career, she enrolled at an Ivy League college-Brown University with straight As. Besides, she dedicates to equality and passionate at ecological environment and public welfare. Therefore, with both wisdom and beauty, Emma Watson won the first place of world’s most beautiful faces on December 2011.

 Emma’s dressing style begins with usually Preppy Style and British Style come to cherish the sense of sexy celebrity.
2.Hannah Dakota Fanning born in February 23, 1994 in Conyers, Georgia. She is an American actress who rose to prominence after her breakthrough performance at age seven in the 2001 film I Am Sam. As a child actress, she went on to appear in high-profile films such as Man on Fire (2004), War of the Worlds (2005) and Charlotte's Web (2006). Her performance earned her a nomination for a Screen Actors Guild Award at age eight in 2002, making her the youngest nominee in history.

The popular post-90s young girl, Hannah Dakota Fanning is indeed youthful. A print corsage matched with an empire waist skirt, well draw the waistline, overflow a sense of sexy and fresh temperament.

3.Kristen Jaymes Stewart, a famous American actress, born in 1990. She started her acting career since she was 8, and best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She win her global fame sine this film series and become one of the most famous post-90 actress. 2012,she rise to top of Hollywood rich list. Till now, Stewart still keep her fresh, elegant temperament and favored by arts lovers.

Apart from her street snaps, she usually shows up with her elegant and graceful dress style. She, a big punk fans, defeated Hermione Emma Watson and titled the best dressing sister two years in a row. At the same time, along with her boyfriend, they win the the best fashion couple prize.

4.Born in 1992, Cyrus won her global fame overnight for her action in TV series Hannah Montana.

The noted post90 superstar Miley Cyrus win her popularity among the post-90 teenagers for Hannah Montana TV series. Paired with print tight skirt, the black sports tank shows her plat and beautiful stomach youthful which is fresh, vigorous and sexy!

5.Emma Rose Roberts, an noted American actress, model and singer, (born February 10, 1991) is  She is the daughter of actor Eric Roberts and niece of Julia Roberts. Roberts became known for her role as Addie Singer in the Nickelodeon television series Unfabulous.

American causal style is Emma’s favorite dressing. Paired with dark blouses and denim jeans, here is the easy-to-learn woman chic style.

6.Emma Stone born in1988 Scottsdale Arizona. When she was 11 young Emma starred in her first stage play The Wind in the Willows. She has appeared in The House Bunny (2008), Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009), Zombieland (2009), and Paper Man (2009).

The 23 years old Stone never been shy to try on any dress styles in the name of fashion, especially the audacious and minimalist design. She is likely to choose elegant and mature one piece dress. Occasionally, she will appear in cool suits or jumpsuits.

7.Selena Marie Gomez, an American singer and actress, born in 1992 at Grand Prairie Texas. She is thought to be the strongest opponent to Miley Cyrus.

Selena is a stark converse girl and scarf freak,she prefer pencil pants paired with a flattie the best. Even matched with simple items ,She can easily create her elegant and fashionable temperament. Although she keeps teasing that she dresses like a 40 years women, her simple and fashionable dressing was emulated around the global.